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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

NEET PG Supreme Court Case Hearing/Verdict 12.03.2013

Today the NEET Case has been listed as Item No. 8 in Court No. 1

Hearing will most probably be upto 4 pm

The last hearing was on the 7th

For real time updates watch this space

 »At 12 25 pm: Case No. 38 in session.

»Earlier today Item Nos. 34-37 were taken up.These cases are from the supplementary causelist. 

»At 12:27 pm: Case No. 40 in session

»At 12:36 pm: Case No. 42 going on

»The cases are getting over so fast that may be No. 41 was taken up but ended too soon to be noticed!

»The display board isn't loading right now. It is lunch time from 1-2 pm. 

»At 02:07 pm: Item No. 42 still in discussion.It is highly unlikely that our case will be taken up for hearing today.

»Also, 25th to 30th are holidays for the Supreme Court on account of Holi & Good Friday.


  1. Looks like they ll drag it till april or may?? :-(

    1. Looks like...We can only hope for this drama to end before 31st of May so that the sesson doesn't get delayed


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